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A diagnostic test result is most beneficial when combined with exceptional service and support. Our diagnostic insights can inspire actions faster, and that can transform lives.

Dwayne K. Todd, PhD
Ohio Wesleyan University
Dean of Students

Flexsus provided a superior level of service to OWU as we worked together to meet the testing needs of our entire campus. They were reliable, professional, quick ro resolve any issues, and served as our strong advocate from end-to-end among the many organizations involved in a testing program. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better partner as we navigated territory that was vastly unfamiliar to us!

Heather Harmon
Director of Marketing & Community Outreach

Having Flexsus testing is a huge asset to be able to provide to our team and our clients. Samuel and his team are knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient.

Claudia Nehring
CBiotec, an eGenesis company
Chief Operating Officer

The Flexsus Team provided a fully integrated solution, making our COVID-19 testing program very simple and traceable, a true turn key process keeping our employees safe!!

Thank you Flexsus!

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